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Auto-brawler / PV CLassics

Get your game theory on!

Choose to play your Identity in hands-on 3v3 auto brawler battles for high stakes rewards or stake-it-easy by training and renting your Identities for a piece of the rewards action. Trade, earn, compete and strategize to optimize your participation across the ecosystem for maximum rewards and maximum impact. As the old saying goes: All’s fair in love and Brawl!

Uncharted blockchain-powered mechanics

Enabling unique ‘proof-of-play’ gaming mechanics to make things fun and rewarding with endless opportunities for strategic decision-making

Assemble & Power Up

Choose your team wisely, equip them with beneficial skills, and earn rewards through missions and gameplay. Loosen up and get ready to brawl!

Stake & Rent

Stake your assets, train to strengthen them, then use them yourself or charge others to play with them while you’re not. But you will accept the consequences of success or failure…

Craft & Merge

Transform common items into high-value ones by crafting and merging, making strategic choices about how to upgrade items through gameplay, trading, and participation.

A symbiotic ecosystem backed by our native tokens

Applying a cooperative protocol that fairly rewards participants, providers and validators relative to their participation and contribution


A reliably balanced control system that uses provider funding, participant activity data, and external oracles to optimize the protocol's internal balance parameters and help ensure stability for the ecosystem.


A gamified marketplace where players are rewarded for their time and skill. Players will make decisions on how and when to charge up their items, in addition to what they’ll use them on.

Gaming Platform

An interactive, web3-ready platform that partners can use to onboard players and launch their blockchain game; the open protocol plugged in and ready for them to build on.

Building a Universe the web3 way.

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